Taking linear measurements

Bullclip users can now measure linear distances according to a calibrated page scale. The default page scale is simply 1:1 which is based on the PDF page size. If you are working with a drawing/document that has a defined page scale, be sure to calibrate a page scale before using the measurement tools. 

To use the Linear Measurement tool:

  • Open the Measurement tools in the tool bar.
  • Select the Length Measurement tool (second icon from the four options). 
  • Open the Scale drop down menu and select a page scale. Click here to learn how to create a scale.


  • As I recently created a scale based on the length of the cut-out, I've selected the 1:100 (Isabelle White) scale from the list. 


  • Any linear measurement annotations I apply to the page will be associated with the page scale selected. 

Like normal ink and shape annotations, the colour and thickness of the measurement annotation can be altered to suit your needs. 

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