Calibrating measurement scales

Basic measurement tools are now been added to the canvas toolbar in all three of Bullclip's application clients (Web, Windows & iOS). 

To calibrate a scale for your measurement tools in the web browser application:

  • Open the tools blade and select the Measurement Tools icon.

  • Select the Calibrate Tool from the available options (first icon in the list).

  •  Follow the guidance message and drawing a line along a known distance on your drawing or document.  
  • A scale creation menu will appear after you trace the known distance. The menu includes Physical distance, Units, Decimal places, Page ratio and Title.  


  • Start by entering the Physical distance (real-world length) that corresponds to your calibration line.   
  • The Unit drop down lets you select the unit of measurement you wish to display with your measurements. This will influence your page ratio so be sure to choose correctly. 
  • Depending on need, you can set the number of Decimal places your measurements are calculated to. 
  • The Ratio is directly linked to the Physical distance so setting a known distance will calculate the page ratio (based on page size). This is the same in reverse (altering the Ratio will alter the distance). 
  • The scale Title is what will appear in the scales list and populates automatically based on the calibrated page Ratio and the creator of the scale (name in brackets). The title can be customized to whatever you wish without impacting any of the calibration settings. 
  • Once your Scale has been created, it will then appear in the scales list for that document only and be available for everyone on the project to use for any measurement annotations (so make sure they are calibrated correctly and labelled well). 

Note: Editing a scale will affect any measurements that have been drawn on the document using that scale. 

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