Does Bullclip work offline?

To answer simply, yes Bullclip does work offline.... However, only the Windows 10 app and the iOS app do so. Not the web browser application. 

Unlike many other applications of this type, Bullclip doesn't require users to download the entire project straight to the device to function. You simply download each drawing or document as you view them, or you can selectively pick the items you want to download now so you can view them later. Once downloaded to the device, the PDF and all annotations downloaded at the point of last viewing will be available to work with while offline. 

This ensures users aren't stuck waiting forever for their project to download every time they log in to a new device. And users can easily synchronize all the items they need to work on before going offline. 

To download multiple items in your drawing list and prepare for offline work:

  • Open the Drawings list in either the Windows 10 app or the iOS app. 
  • Hit the 'Select' button at the bottom left corner of the Drawings list to activate the multi-select check boxes. 
  • Select the items you want to save to the device for later viewing while offline and hit 'Synchronize' at the bottom right corner of the list. 


  • The selected items and all the current annotations will start downloading to the device one by one.
  • The Status icon on the far right of each item will change to a green tick once the download has completed. 
  • You can now disconnect the device from the network with confidence and have complete access to all drawings with the green download status. Anything not downloaded to the device will be blocked for viewing while offline. 


  • Naturally, being offline you won't stream any of your teams updates live. Nor will your team members be able to see what you are doing while working offline. However, any markups you add while offline will queue to the device and be synchronized with the whole team automatically when your device comes back online. 
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