Web App Navigation Structure

In the web application, Bullclip projects are created, content is uploaded and teams are managed. As such, there is a greater emphasis on project management and administration in the web app than on fast document viewing and annotation.

The web application can be split into two major components:

  • The management menu (administrative tasks)
  • The canvas (viewing live documents).

The management menu gives users a detailed view of all project information, with contents separated across dedicated areas, displaying key data for easy consumption. Within each area, document thumbnails, titles, version, originators and tags are easily accessible to ensure users locate and act on the correct document at all times.

All project Documents and Drawings listed in the project menu can be launched in the web canvas as well.

The web canvas gives users an opportunity to clearly view and interact with project files in a dedicated full screen page of the highest quality. To allow for successive document viewing, all project files can be easily located and launched directly from the web canvas without ever needing to revert back to the management menu.

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