Exporting Individual Drawings & Documents

Individual Drawings and Documents can be exported from the project with all annotations included at the time of export. Individual exports can only be performed through the Web Application and Drawings and Documents remain unchanged in the project after an export. 

The Project Owner and all Administrators can export both Drawings and Documents, whereas all Collaborators can export only Documents. 

To export a Drawing or Document:  

  • Ensure you are on the Projects page.
  • Open either the Drawings or Documents tab and select the particular project document you want to export.

  • In the document detail pane that opens on the right of the screen you should see 'Export drawing' or 'Export document' under the 'You can' section. 

  • Select 'Export this Project'.
  • An alert will appear to initiate the export. 

  • Click on the 'Start export' button to begin export. Once the export has started, this alert will update to show the progress of the export. 

  • Once the export is complete, the selected drawing will be downloaded to your designated download location as a PDF file with all annotations included. 
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