How Bullclip manages your revisions

With Bullclip, version control issues are a thing of the past. There is no longer any excuse for your project team to ever be working off the wrong drawing revision again. 

Thanks to the power of Microsoft Azure, Bullclip stores all your project files in one central location that everyone on the project can pull up and view at any time. These files are governed by nominated Project Administrators and represent the one source of truth for your project.

What does this mean?

  • New Drawings or Documents published to the project are instantly accessible to anyone on your project that is online.
  • New Drawing Revisions are automatically pushed to the entire project team the moment they are published. It actually takes effort to be left working on old revisions.
  • Everyone can view project files however, only Project Administrators and Owners can add or remove Drawings from the project. Collaborators can add and remove Documents as they go. 
  • Like ink on paper, all your annotations are tied to the Drawing revision they were added to. Brand new revisions are essentially a blank canvas for new markups. 
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