Uploading a New Revision

Uploading a new revision of an existing drawing to your Bullclip project is easy.

To upload a new revision

  • Select your revised drawing for upload as per the standard process outlined in Uploading Drawings to your Project. 
  • On the Uploads page, you should see your selected drawings appear in the list as the finish uploading and processing begins.
  • Using the thumbnail in the details pane to differentiate between the drawings, you can now enter the Drawing Number for your new revisions.

  • As these drawing numbers are already in the Bullclip system, you should see the drawing numbers appear in the list below as you type. Select the correct numbers for your new revisions.

  • A message should appear below the revision field with the latest revision currently in the project. 
  • You should also see an option appear to copy the information from the last revision.

  • Click this option and the remaining information fields should auto-populate with the data from the previous revision except the actual revision field.
  • If the drawing title has changed between revisions, you can edit the drawing title after the correct drawing number has been selected from the list. This will also update the title of that drawing in the drawing list.
  • Once you are satisfied that the new revision information has been entered correctly, you can publish the drawings to the project by hitting 'Publish' in the drawing details pane.

  • Navigate back to the drawings page and launch those particular drawings to see your newly revised drawings.
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