Uploading a New Revision

Uploading a new revision of an existing drawing to your Bullclip project is easy.

To upload a new revision

  • Select your revised drawings for upload as per the standard process outlined in Uploading Drawings to your Project. 
  • On the Upload drawings page, you should see your selected drawings appear in the list as normal.


  • Given you are uploading new revisions of existing drawings, you are likely to have an upload template already created that matches the title block of your new revisions. If so, select this template from the list (if not, create a new template). 
  • The title block information should auto-populate with the title, drawing number and revision as expected. As the Bullclip revision management system is tied to the Drawing Number, be sure to check that the drawing number information is entered correctly before publishing. 
  • Once you are satisfied that the new revision information has been entered correctly, you can publish the drawings to the project by hitting 'Publish x drawings' in the top right corner. 


  • You will be taken back to the drawings page with your newly added drawing revisions. Launch those particular drawings to view your newly revised drawings.
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