Working with the Uploads list

The Uploads tab is where all uploaded files are stored before they are published to the project. This effectively acts as a staging area where all files are processed, thumbnails are created and key data assigned to each drawing or document. 

The Uploads area is further split into the In progress tab (where all items currently uploading and processing are held) and the Review and publish tab (for those ready to be reviewed and published to the project). 

PDF files added to a project must go through several stages of processing before they can be published to the project and can be in any of one of four states while in the uploads area:

  • Queued for Upload - Grey Icon
  • File Uploading - Blue Icon
  • Processing - Yellow Icon
  • Ready to Publish- Green Icon


Once these drawings are finished processing, the icon will turn green and they will move over to the Review and publish tab. 

Clicking on any file in the Review and publish list expands the required form fields. Key data can be added to any file in these fields as soon as the file has finished uploading. This key data is slightly different for drawings compared to documents.

For Drawings, the available data fields that can be filled are:

  • Drawing Number (compulsory)
  • Drawing Title (compulsory) 
  • Revision (compulsory)
  • Discipline (optional) 

For Documents, the only field required is the Document Title which is pre-filled with the original file name. 

Once the files have finished processing and all key data has been added to the required fields, you can publish you PDF files to the project team. 

Alternatively, if you have uploaded the wrong file to the Uploads area and you wish to remove it from the Uploads page, you can simply click Discard this draft at the very bottom of the details pane. 

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