Uploading Drawings to your Project without templates

To upload a set of drawings without using an Upload Template follow the steps below:

  • Go to a project overview page (open your project from the Projects list to get to the overview page).
  • Click on the Upload Drawings button in center of the page (or select Upload to Bullclip and Upload Drawings). 

  • You will be taken to the Upload page, the first step of the Drawings upload flow.

There are two methods to upload files into the Drawing Uploader: using Drag and Drop or the standard File Explorer. 

  • To use the Drag and Drop method, simply select the files you wish to upload into Bullclip and drag them over the circular Drag drawings here area in the middle of the Upload page
  • The alternative method is to simply click on the blue "or select files from here" link inside the Drag and Drop circle. A file explorer window will open, allowing you to search your computer or your cloud drive for a PDF file of your project drawings. Select which PDF drawing files you want to add to the project and press Open.


Note: Any multipage PDF files uploaded as Drawings will be split into single pages automatically. To keep multi-page PDFs intact as one document, upload these files as Documents. 

  • Once the first of your drawing files have finished processing, the Scan title block section will open automatically giving you the option to Create new template or Skip template creation. 
  • Select the blue Skip template creation link on the right to proceed manually.


Note: if you uploaded a combined PDF with multiple drawings, this file will appear as a single item in your Review and publish list and expand to show individual sheets when the item is expanded. 

  • You will be taken straight to the Review and publish page with your upload thumbnails and the Title, Number and Revision fields left empty. 
  • All three fields are mandatory, however you can manually fill each field with whatever title information you feel is most appropriate.
  • Once the information matches up for all your drawings, click Publish 6 drawings and move to the next six (note: six is the maximum number that can be displayed at once, you can publish less if you don't have up to six items to publish).
  • When all uploads have been published, you will automatically be taken back to the Drawings page to see a list of the drawings you have published to your project.
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