Uploading Drawings to your Project without templates

To upload a set of drawings follow the steps below, or watch the tutorial video at this link:

  • Go to a project overview page (open your project from the Projects list to get to the overview page).
  • Open the Drawings tab. You will notice your project drawings list is pretty bare.

  • Click on the Upload Drawings button in the top right corner
  • A file explorer window will open, allowing you to search your computer or your cloud drive for a PDF file of your project drawings. Select which PDF drawing files you want to add to the project and press Open.
  • Note: Any multipage PDF files uploaded as Drawings will be split into single pages automatically. To keep multi-page PDFs intact as one document, upload these files as Documents. 
  • Open the Uploads tab. 
    • You will notice two tabs along the top of the Uploads area, an In progress tab and the Review and publish tab. 
    • All new uploads will start in the In progress area and move across to the Review and publish area when processing has completed and they are ready to review and publish. 

  • You will see your selected drawings appear in the In Progress list with up to three different coloured icons next to them as they are processed.
    • A grey icon means the file is loading or in the upload queue,
    • A blue icon means the file is actually uploading to the project,
    • A yellow icon tells you the file is processing

  • Once these drawings are finished processing, the icon will turn green and they will move over to the Review and publish tab. 

  • Click on a drawing that you have uploaded.
  • Note: if you uploaded a combined PDF with multiple drawings, this file will appear as a single item in your Review and publish list and expand to show individual sheets when the item is expanded. 
  • With the help of the drawings thumbnail, you can now enter the Drawing NumberDrawing NameRevision and Discipline into the designated fields for each drawing. This is the key information that appears on the drawing list, and so it is important you enter correct details to ensure you can easily find these drawings when you need them.

  • Once you have added all information, and you are satisfied that everything has been entered correctly, you can publish the drawings to the project (once the icon is green) by hitting the green Publish button at the bottom of the details pane.
  • Navigate back to the Drawings page to see a list of the drawings you have published to your project.

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