What are Drawings in Bullclip?

In Bullclip we treat Drawings as the primary project documents that all other documentation is linked to. As a result, the Drawings list is the top tab in the main Bullclip menu. 


On Architectural, Engineering and Construction projects, each Drawing has its own unique Drawing Number that remains fixed across any number of drawing revisions. To match this system, Bullclip treats the Drawing number as the primary navigation field and splits all uploaded PDF Drawings into single pages for easy management and storage. 

Along with the Drawing Number, Bullclip also requires a Revision number and Drawing title at upload to properly manage your Project Drawings. The revision number is required to ensure the most up-to-date Drawings supersede older revisions and are the most accessible (more effort required to view past revisions = less version control issues).

This structure ensures you can easily locate your project drawings when needed and also conveniently link other related drawings or supporting documentation to the right project drawing. 


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