Tool Properties

All ink annotations can be customised and distinguished in your toolbox according to three main properties:

  • Line Colour – your ink colours, whether a free hand pen or a shape, can be set according to the colour selection in the current tool widget.
  • Line Opacity – the transparency setting of your ink annotations. A 100% opacity setting means nothing under the ink stroke will be visible (like a normal pen) and 0% means your tool is invisible. For a regular ‘highlighter’ effect, select anything between 40%-60%

  • Fill Colour all shapes with an enclosed area (squares, ellipses, clouds and polygons) can be filled with a selected colour. This fill colour can be completely different to the selected line colour if desired.
  • Fill Opacity the opacity of the fill colour within a shape can also be set to anything from 0% (transparent) to 100% (solid) depending on preference.

  • Width– the thickness of your annotation lines with 1pt being the thinnest (fine tip pen) and 32pts being the thickest.

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