Launching the Web Canvas

To launch the web canvas:

  • Navigate to the Document or Drawing list.
  • Select a Drawing or Document from the list to open the Action Pane.
  • From the Action Pane, select the Launch


  • The selected Document or Drawing will launch in the web canvas and you will be able to:
    • View the document in the highest quality available,
    • Pan and zoom around the document,
    • Add Notes and markups to the Drawing or Document,
    • View the Document Information (title, revision, author etc) by opening the Information menu in the top right,
    • See all public layer annotations appear in real-time as team members publish them,
    • View your Draft layer annotations made on the Windows App,

The currently active elements on the web canvas are:

  • The page view – the active document you can see on screen.
  • The current tool icon - the tool that is currently active and the gateway to the tools menu.
  • Your favourite tools - any favourite tools you have created in the tools menu.
  • Zoom controls – current zoom % and the + - controls to change that.
  • Full screen mode – fills the screen & clears away the browser menus.
  • The project menu - the navigation menu back to the other project documents.
  • Layer manager – the user icon allows you to filter the public layer by user.
  • Document Information menu - See all key document information.
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