Exporting your Project

Only the Project Owner or Creator can export the full contents of a project. 

To export a project: 

  • Ensure you are on the Projects page.
  • Open the Settings tab to see a list of all project level actions.

  • In the Settings page, open the 'You can' menu by clicking on the grey gear icon in the top right of the page. 

  • You will see editable fields for all the important project details in addition to a list of actions that can be performed on the right hand side.

  • Select 'Export this Project'.
  • An alert will appear to initiate the export. 

  • Click on the 'Start export' button to begin export. Once the export has started, this alert will update to show the progress of the export. 

  • Once the export is complete, a zip folder containing all project files will be downloaded to you designated download folder. 
  • The zip folder is split into Drawings (annotated and original), Documents (annotated and original) and an text file export log which confirms exactly what has been exported from the project. 

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