Windows 10 deployment options

As an enterprise application, we recognize that we need to provide flexibility with deployment of Bullclip. Our model is based therefore around the Windows Store for Business and the public Windows Store, allowing your users to access Bullclip in manner which is most appropriate to your organization's software acquisition policies.



Regardless of where Bullclip is downloaded from or how it is deployed to users, licensing is managed outside of the Windows Store purchase mechanism. Licenses are managed by a user account on, allowing a single user to pay for and provision an unlimited quantity of licenses. This functionality is coming soon, for now, each user needs to begin their own free trial of Bullclip independently.

When a user accesses Bullclip, they will be asked to sign into the application using credentials that they have created by:

  1. Signing up for a free trial on, or
  2. Accepting a subscription invitation from another user (coming soon), or
  3. Accepting a project invitation from another user.

All subscription and license actions must be performed within the web app




Public Windows Store

Currently, the only option available to deploy the Windows 10 Bullclip application is by downloading the application on the public Windows Store.


Windows Store for Business (coming soon)

We recognise that it is not always reasonable for enterprise users to download Bullclip from the public Windows Store. Therefore, we will soon be making available Bullclip for distribution using the Windows Store for Business.

The Windows Store for Business will allow enterprise administrators (who administer a Microsoft Work or School account, such as Microsoft Azure Active Directory or Microsoft Office 365) to:


You can discover more about signing up for Windows Store for business here.

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