Deleting a project

Only the Project Owner or Creator can delete a project. We strongly recommend you export your project contents to a location on your disk, an external hard drive or a cloud server before closing the project.

To delete a project: 

  • Ensure you are on the Projects page.
  • Open the Settings tab to see a list of all project level actions.

  • You will see editable fields for all the important project details in addition to a list of actions that can be performed on the right hand side.
  • If you have valuable project content that you wish to archive and hold on to, you should export the project contents now before closing the project. To learn more about exporting your project contents, see Exporting Your Project.

  • Select 'Delete Project' to initiate the project deletion.
  • An alert will appear confirming that you want to shutdown the project. You will also be given a final reminder to 'export your project' at this stage.

  • Click on the 'Close this project' button to confirm the project deletion.
  • If you have prematurely deleted your project and cannot access your contents, please contact support at our website.
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