Adding new team members to your project

To find out how to invite new users to your project, follow the steps below, or you can watch the tutorial video at this link:

  • From the project Overview page, open the Team tab.
  • Select the blue 'Invite someone' button and enter the email address of the person you wish to add to your team in the email field. 


  • After entering an Email address, set your new team member's Permission Level for the project from the drop-down menu. The available options are:
    • Administrator - all upload and mark-up rights
    • Collaborator - restricted upload rights, full mark-up rights
    • Reader - read-only users, no public layer mark-up access, no upload rights

To find out more about what access each permission level affords, see the User Permissions article.

  • Once the email and permission level has been set, ensure you click the Send Invitation button to send a project invitation to your team member.
  • Enter as many emails as you need to using this sequence to build up your team list. 
  • Each person will receive an email prompting them to accept your project invitation. Until they accept the invitation, they will not appear on your team list or be able to see the project contents.
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