Changing user permissions

To change a users project permission level, follow these steps:

  • Ensure you are in the project overview page (open your project from the projects list to get to the overview page).
  • Open the 'Team' tab. You should see a full list of your project team. If you just created the project, this team list will be empty.

  • Either scroll down your team list or enter your team members name in the search bar to locate the team member who's permission level you wish to change.
  • When you click on your team member's name, you should see a details pane appear on the right of the screen with that users available information and a permission level drop down field towards the bottom.

  • Click the drop down to change your new team member's permission level for the project. The available options are Administrator, Collaborator or Reader.

  • Once you have changed your team members permission setting they will receive an email notifying them of the change and what their new access restrictions are.


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