Why can't I see the left menu in my web browser?

Have you opened the Bullclip web browser app and lost the left hand side navigation menu? Does your screen look like this and left you a little confused about where the rest is? 



Don't stress out just yet, the menu is still there, it is just hidden behind the top left menu icon.

The reason you can't see the full menu is because you are either using a smaller screen, your screen resolution is low or the browser is zoomed in a little too far.

The web browser app menus adjust with the width of your screen to ensure the app remains usable for large desktop monitors all the way down to small mobile phone screens. 

To fix this issue and ensure the menu stays open:

  • Increase the screen resolution in your device system settings (Mac users can do this in System preferences > Display > Scaled ||| Windows users can do this in Settings > Display > Resolution).
  • Decrease the zoom level in your web browser settings (usually found in a 'settings menu' the top right of your browser window). 


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