Using touch to annotate in the iOS app.

Not all iPads or iPhones in the world come with a cool new Apple Pencil to write with. For this reason, it's vital that our users can still markup their documents as Steve Jobs always intended, with their fingers. 

To turn on Touch-to-Annotate and separate the pan actions from the pen actions:

  • Open a Drawing that you want to annotate. Notice that moving your finger around the screen just pans the view around the page.


  • Notice the hand icon in horizontal menu bar along the bottom left of the screen. This icon activates the Touch-to-Annotate mode. 
  • Tap the Touch-to-Annotate icon. 


  • Select a tool you wish to annotate with and start scribbling on the canvas with your finger. 


You will notice that panning and zooming is disabled when touch-to-annotate is active. To move around the document, turn off touch-to-annotate first.

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