Launching the iOS App Canvas

To launch the canvas on your iPad or iPhone:

  • Log in to the app and select which project you want to work on.
  • Navigate to the drawing or document you want to view and tap on its name.


    • The file will download to your device before it launches.
    • Files saved locally to the device will have a blue tick to the right of the name


    • Files not yet saved to the device will have a grey arrow to the right of the name 


  • Inside the native app canvas you will be able to:
    • View the document in the highest quality available
    • Easily pan and zoom around the document
    • See all public layer annotations appear in real-time
    • Add basic markups to the public layer or your own private layer


  • To return to the project menu, simply click the grid button on the top left of the screen.


The currently active elements on the native app canvas are:

  • The page viewer - the active document you can see on screen.
  • Current Tool Widget – where you create your current tool.
  • Layer manager – switch between the public and private layer.
  • Contributors Panel - turn other users annotations on and off.
  • Toolbox
    • Tool Bar – the easy access menu with all your favourite tools.
  • Navigation Menu – project navigation menu.
  • Document Information - view the currently open documents key information and switch between revisions.
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