What you cannot do in the iOS App.

The Bullclip mobile apps are best for marking up PDFs naturally on a touch screen device with a pen (such as the iPad Pro) and taking all your PDFs with with you. However, there are some key administrative features that are not available on the iOS app.

See below for a list of features that are confined to the Web application and not available through the Windows App: 

  • Creating a New Project
  • Setting a Project Background Image - large custom image that all users will see across all apps. 
  • Setting a Project Logo - a smaller logo that displays in the project list. 
  • Uploading Drawings & Documents to your Project - documents can only be added through the web app.
  • Inviting Team members to your Project.
  • Changing a users Permission on your Project.
  • Removing a user from your Project.
  • Editing the Details of a Drawing or Document - drawing name, drawing revision and drawing number.
  • Exporting a Drawing from your Project - individual drawing export.
  • Exporting a Document from your Project - individual document export.
  • Exporting the entire Project contents - Only project owner can export the full project as .zip folder.
  • Deleting a Project - Only project owner and only available in the web app.
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