Bullclip Updates - June 2017

UWP Application Updates

Version 1.5.3 - 20 June 2017. 

New Features:

No new features in this build.

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixes hanging viewer crash when scrolling around.
  • Fixes/Improves slow rasterization of cloud annotations at high zoom levels.
  • Fixes crash in calibration dialog box.
  • Fixes crash on suspend/resume with multiple windows open


Web Application Updates

7 June 2017

New Features:

  • Improvement: When requesting an export of a project (or single drawing/document), you'll now be directed to your email, where we'll send a download link once your export has finished processing. Now you don't have to keep the web app open while you wait for your export to finish processing.

Bug Fixes:

No notable bug fixes in this release.


21 June 2017

New Features:

  • Improvement: The canvas tools have been grouped under tabs for easier selection.
  • New feature: Added an eraser tool to make deleting your annotations simpler.
  • Improvement: Uploads are arranged into tabs depending on their status (uploading/processing vs ready for review).
  • New feature: Now you can zoom in on the drawing thumbnail at the review & publish stage (so you can actually read what's in the title block).
  • New feature: If you upload the wrong batch of drawings, you can now select them and discard them all at once.
  • New feature: You can also discard uploads that are still processing, so you don't have to wait to correct a mistake. (Also useful for a rare case where uploads could get stuck on the processing step, and couldn't previously be discarded)

Bug Fixes:

  • We now get the latest data from our API less frequently so we can go easier on your data and your battery.
  • General and network performance improvements in the Uploads page.
  • Fixed some errors that weren't causing any noticeable bugs but were annoying the developers.


28 June 2017

New Features:

  • Improvement: New web layout optimised for a broader range of screen sizes. 

Bug Fixes:

  • Lots of minor bug fixes


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