How do I manage my Checkprints in Bullclip?

Need to work through some iterations of your checkprints to get all the updates just right? Want to cut right down on printing, sharing and consolidating your checkprints?

To set this up:

  • While the main project with all the signed and issued drawings is active in your projects list, create a new 'Checkprints' project in Bullclip. Hint - use a separate project for each drawing package or design component.
  • Invite those from the team that need to check and sign off the checkprints.
  • Upload the first set of checkprints to your project. 
  • Review and add any new markups or comments to the checkprints for the designer to complete before issue. 
  • Repeat this process until everything is complete and the drawing package can be signed off by all involved. 
  • Once done, export the final checkprints for signing and close the project.
  • Upload the new and approved revision to the main project for the rest of the team to work off. 
  • Spend the money saved on printing and coordination on something nice ;) 


There is no limit to the number of projects you can create in Bullclip so you may as well take advantage of that and make the most of the real-time collaboration power in Bullclip. 

Pro-tip = upload your drawings packages as Docs to review them faster. 

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