Can I use Bullclip as a remote meeting tool?

Yes you can!! 

We find that many of our users are getting heaps of value by using Bullclip as a collaboration and drawing tool in meetings. Even to direct meetings between across totally different regions. 


To use Bullclip as a collaboration tool in your next meeting:

  • Create a new project for the meeting (or use an existing one)
  • Upload your meeting documents (minutes, worksheets, drawings etc) to the 'Documents' section of Bullclip.
  • Ensure everyone who is in the meeting is invited to your project.
  • Load up Bullclip on either a Large Windows 10 touch screen device (if you have one) or using the Web Application on a meeting room monitor at each location.
  • Set up your voice and video meeting (Bullclip works really well alongside Skype for Business).
  • Start marking up your documents and watch as all your notes, sketches and markups sync with the other offices in real-time. Don't interrupt the meeting by coordinating screen shares, don't stop to wait for changes to sync, just talk and write and let Bullclip do the rest for you. 
  • For an extra boost and to avoid getting up to the screen, get more people involved on their own devices. 
  • At the end of the meeting, after the dust has settled on all the notes and markups, take comfort knowing that you have everything recorded and can export the results into a PDF straight from the web app. Easy!

Go and give it a go yourself. 



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