Filter the drawing list by tags to work with sets

Finding Drawings or Documents in a Bullclip project needs to be quick and painless to ensure you can keep working on what matters. For this reason we have added Custom Tags to our search filters to help you organize your projects and find what you need in seconds. 

Tag your Drawings with anything that will help you and your team find them later. Perhaps your Drawings are organised by package numbers, disciplines, stages, regions, levels or maybe even team members. Whatever your method, your Drawings should be tagged with this information to make your team's life a lot easier.

To filter your Drawing list by a Custom Tag created previously:

  • Open the Drawing list and activate the Search bar in the top right corner. 
  • Start typing the tag you wish to search for and take note of the tag suggestions that populate below the Drawing Number and Drawing Name search options. 


  • Simply select the tag to add it to the list filter. 
  • The Drawing list should instantly reduce down to show only those items with the selected tag associated. 
  • There is no limit to the number of tags you can add to the filter. Whatever it takes to find the Drawing you need.

  • To remove a tag from the filter, simply select the minus icon next to the tag. Easy. 


The same Custom tag search mechanism applies to Documents as well as Drawings so be sure to keep your Documents as organised as your Drawings.



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