Add Tags to Drawings to organize them

Finding exactly what you need in your Bullclip projects has just been made a lot easier with our new Custom Tag filters. Simply add tags to your Drawings or Documents to find them with ease when you need them most. No need to fish through folders or scroll down long lists to search for your project documents.

Tags can be added to either the document preview panel in the list view, the Full details page or the document information panel in the canvas.

To add a custom tag to a Drawing in the preview panel:

  • Open the Drawings list, select a drawing to open the preview panel and select Edit tags at the bottom of the preview panel.


  • In the Add a tag field, enter a tag you want to associate with that Drawing.
  •  If there are no existing tags to choose from with the same characters you have started entering, you will be prompted to 'Create tag "xxxx"' to create a fresh tag on that project.

  • Once this tag has been created, it will be available as a suggestion when adding tags on all other project documents. 

  • Once you have added all the required tags to your Drawing, select the Finish editing option to close the tags widget. 
  • Any tags created in the panel will now show up in the information panel in the Drawing canvas view and in the Full details view. 


  • New tags can be added in all three locations in exactly the same way.





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