Bullclip Updates - August 2017

Web Application Updates

18 August 2017

New Features:

  • FEATURE: Undo/redo function added to web canvas.
  • FEATURE: Favorite tools added to the web canvas.

Bug Fixes:

  • FIX: Images in the canvas were not loading.


23 August 2017

New Features:

  • FEATURE: You can now add tags to your project's drawings and documents.
  • FEATURE: From the drawing and document lists, you can now search for items with specific tags.

Bug Fixes:

  • PERFORMANCE: Document and Drawing searches are now performed more efficiently, to better scale to large projects.
  • FIXES: Several inconsistencies in the way drawing and document information is displayed have been fixed.


Version 1.1.0 - 31 August 2017

New Features:

  • FEATURE: OCR and upload templates. 

Bug Fixes:

 No significant bug fixes in this release.


UWP Application Updates

Version - 31 August 2017

New Features:

  • DESIGN: New and improved app UI.
  • FEATURE: Add and filter by custom tags.
  • FEATURE: New search filter UI. 
  • FEATURE: Swipe back and forth between documents and drawings.
  • FEATURE: Project description added to Project grid.
  • FEATURE: Added support for Hololens.


  • Multi-window support is now disabled.

Bug Fixes & Performance improvements:

  • FIX: Title bar now shows revision name instead of revision number of a drawing.
  • IMPROVEMENT: New Refresh function on drawing/doc details.
  • IMPROVEMENT: Drawing/doc/team list fully responsive.
  • IMPROVEMENT: Improved data downloading efficiency and offline access.
  • FIX: Fixed login issue for some users.
  • IMPROVEMENT: Improved pre-caching and offline caching of data.



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