What happens when my trial expires?

Bullclip offers a free 30 day trial period for all newly registered users. To continue using Bullclip beyond this 30 day trial period, you need to add a payment method via the Subscription Portal in the Web Application as described in the Subscriptions and Trials section. 

Everyone who registers an account gets the first 30 days free regardless of whether a payment method is added or not. 

At the conclusion of the 30 day trial, if no payment method has been added, your trial license will expire and you will be automatically demoted to a Reader user on all your active projects. This essentially means you can still access and view your project files, however you can't upload new files or add any markups to the Public layer.

You can tell your licence has expired by going to the Subscriptions tab and checking the 'Your License' status is the same as the screenshot below. 

You can reactivate your license and resume using the full functionality of Bullclip by:

  • clicking the 'Manage Payment Details' link (see screenshot above),
  • adding a valid payment method in the Chargebee Portal, and
  • clicking the 'Re-activate' Subscription link in the Subscriptions section 

The subscription re-activation will only process if a valid payment method has been added first, so please make sure you add a valid payment method before trying to re-activate you account. 

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